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Dear guests and friends of the historical bratwurst restaurant “Zum Gulden Stern”

It is our firm belief that you deserve first-rate quality when you come to dine and enjoy a drink at our restaurant. The employees of the historical “Bratwurstküche” completely avoid convenience foodstuffs, which means:
Our authentic Nuremberg grilled sausages are produced to an age-old recipe by the city’s butchers and (without first boiling them in water or pre-frying them) we grill them freshly over a beechwood fire until they are cooked. We make our soups daily from scratch using potatoes, soup greens, bones and beef. Our potato salad is freshly prepared every day with potatoes sourced from farmers in Nuremberg’s renowned Knoblauchsland market farming area.

The Sauerkraut is the real thing produced by a local family (the Wehrs) in the Aischgrund region. They cultivate, shred and process the Sauerkraut and supply it in vats. By boiling and refining it, and adding melted pork lard, we give it an exquisite taste.

The Knoblauchsland farmers also supply our vegetables, potatoes, horseradish roots and lamb’s lettuce, the cream horseradish comes from the company Schamel in Baiersdorf where it is produced to a 150 year-old recipe and the Franconian wines we serve are bottled by the Fürstlich Castell‘sche Domänenamt, while others are sourced from the Bernhard Völker vineyard in Kitzingen.

It is very important to us that the family-run businesses in the region supply us. The staff of our historical bratwurst restaurant would like to wish you a “bon appétit” and hope you enjoy your dining experience with us!


Our sausages are neither pre-cooked in boiling water nor put into the deep fryer beforehand. They are freshly prepared from their raw state over an open beechwood fire while you wait. This may take a tad longer, but the sausages will taste all the better for it. Thank you for your patience and “bon appétit!”

From our open beechwood fire

The renowned Nuremburg “Rostbratwurst” comes straight from our butchery, fresh or smoked. “Rost” in German means “grilled” and since that is how we prepare the sausages in our restaurant we call them “Röstla®”.

6 Röstla®   € 8,00
8 Röstla®
  € 9,90
10 Röstla®
  € 11,80
12 Röstla®
  € 13,70

"Saure Zipfel"

The name means “sour ends” and in this dish the raw bratwursts are simmered on low heat in a marinade of onions and Franconian wine which they are then served in. Number of sausages and prices as above.

Additional side dishes:
served with Fasskraut (a mild ready-to-serve Sauerkraut), homemade potato salad, € 2,30 each
freshly grated horseradish € 2,30
cream horseradish* produced by Schamel from Baiersdorf , € 2,00

Hearty Soups  
Nuremberg liver dumpling soup or Franconian potato soup € 3,80
From the grill  

Nuremberg “Stadtwurst” sausage with side dish 1,2
Pork loin with side dish
Choice of Two – 2 pork loins and 6 Röstla® with homemade herb butter and a side dish

€ 7,40
€ 10,10
€ 11,90
Succulent Eisbein served with Fasskraut-style Sauerkraut € 8,50
House-style lamb lettuce € 6,80
Light Meals  
Stadtwurst mit Musik” – a sausage thinly sliced in a vinegar, oil and pepper dressing with a generous serving of onions and bread 1,2
O`batzder– cheese spread made from Camembert, butter, onions and spices with 2 slices of bread
Camembert with bread and butter
Pretzel Bread/bread roll

€ 7,20
€ 6,80
€ 6,80
€ 0,90
€ 0,60

Apfelstrudel with custard
Plum parfait
Ice cream tartlets
€ 4,50
€ 4,80
€ 4,20
Hot drinks  
Cup of coffee
Pot of coffee
Glass of tea
Pot of tea
€ 2,40
€ 4,50
€ 2,40
€ 2,80
€ 2,30
€ 4,20
Non-alcoholic beverages      

Coca Cola*, Fanta**, Cola and Fanta mix***Bottled water,
apple and orange spritzer
Selters mineral water
Apple juice, orange juice
Large lemonade

0,30 l
0,40 l
0,25 l
0,30 l
0,50 l
€ 2,50
€ 3,20
€ 2,50
€ 3,80
€ 3,40

*Contains caffeine, E 150d, E 338
**E 160a, E 300, E 330, E 412
***E 330, E 331 with colorant, 1 nitrate curing salt, 2 taste enhancers
Tucher beer has been freshly tapped for more than 100 years in our restaurant      
Pilsner 0,40 l   € 3,30
Half-pint Pils 0,25 l   € 2,50
Altfranken dark beer 0,40 l   € 3,30
Half-pint Altfranken dark beer 0,25 l   € 2,50
Wheat beer 0,50 l   € 3,50
Small wheat beer 0,30 l   € 3,00
Light wheat beer 0,50 l   € 3,50
Jever Fun alcohol-free beer 0,33 l   € 3,30
Shandy 0,40 l   € 3,20
Small Shandy 0,25 l   € 2,50
Wine & Champagne      
Wines by the glass      
Franconian wines from the Fürstlich Castel‘sche Domänenamt      
Müller Thurgau - dry 0,25 l   € 4,80
Silvaner - dry 0,25 l   € 4,80
Bacchus - medium-dry 0,25 l   € 4,80
Bernhard Völker Wine Estate, Kitzingen      
Frankonian wine spritzer 0,125 l   € 2,70
Wine spritzer 0,25 l   € 3,30
Bottled wines
Franconian wines from the Fürstlich Castell‘sche Domänenamt      
Bocksbeutel Müller Thurgau 0,75 l   € 19,50
Silvaner 0,75 l   € 19,50
Bottle 0,75 l   € 22,50
Piccolo 0,20 l   € 8,20
Spirits, digestives and bitters from Franken      
Birnengeist (pear schnapps), Schlehengeist (sloe berry schnapps),
Kirschwasser (cherry brandy),Waldhimbeergeist (wild raspberry schnapps), Aquavit,
Streitberger Bitters (herb liqueur), Fernet-Branca
2,0 cl   € 3,20
Brandy 2,0 cl   € 3,50
Remy Martin V.S.O.P. 2,0 cl   € 4,90



All prices include service charge and VAT


History of the historical bratwurst restaurant

“Zum Gulden Stern” going back to 1419

The Original One

Zirkelschmiedsgasse: the cobbled street on which Nuremberg’s leading bratwurst kitchen stood way back when, was originally known as “Auf dem Hohen Pflaster”. Today No. 26 is still home to Nuremberg’s leading bratwurst restaurant.

Besides the castle and the former St. Egidien Monastery, the area surrounding the St. Jacob Church belongs to Nuremberg’s earliest settlement hubs. Ownership of land surrounding the area forming the St. Lorenz Church parish has been vast and varied.

Originally the land belonged to the king and was usurped by the governor of the castle during the turmoil of the interregnum. In 1304 the then Castellan Conrad gifted the German Order with it. In the 15th century the Nuremburg Council took receipt of the Order’s dues to the new landowners for the sections of land that had been besieged in the interim.

1419   It was in connection with these dues to the new landowners that the premises at No. 26 Zirkelschmiedsgasse, which was then known as "Auf dem hohen Pflaster", were documented for the first time. It was probably one of the first houses that was built around 1375. It comprises two houses and if dues had to be paid on each one then it would have generated: “all of 60 old German coins per year on Walpurgis night and on the Feast of St. Martin, as well as a hen for Shrovetide.” (It might not necessarily have been the fattest hen.)The city of Nuremberg tried to limit the number of taverns and eateries that had sprung up during the Thirty Years’ War. Once again No. 26 Zirkelschmiedsgasse was in the spotlight making history.
1640   The “Zum Gulden Stern” tavern and eatery was categorised as an upscale eating house.
1641   It was awarded the rarely accorded right to carry out the slaughtering of pigs on-site.
1740   On being accorded the vintner license, the town’s beverage levy authority was permitted to have a wine warehouse.
1980   Martin Hilleprandt acquired the premises with a “Demolition License“. The oldest – and arguably one of the most stunning – eating houses in Nuremberg was saved and restored thanks to the aid of the friends of the old town.
    The gap between the Middle Ages and the present day
has been successfully bridged.

How To Find Us

The historical bratwurst restaurant “Zum Gulden Stern” is ideally located in the old historical part of the city only 200 meter from the iconic Weissen Turm or White Tower – the Parkhaus Jakobsmarkt, a multi-storey car park is directly opposite.

There are a whole range of tourist attractions in close proximity to it e. g. the “Ehekarussell”, a magic merry-go-round fountain, the Germanic National Museum, the “Strasse der Menschenrechte” or the “Way of Human Rights”, the Transport Museum and the Opera House, as well as the city’s large pedestrian and shopping precincts. There are also underground connections in every direction: Plärrer, Weisser Turm and Opernhaus.

The multi-storey car park is directly opposite (simply follow the signs to Parkhaus Jakobsmarkt) and we are 10 minutes away from the main train station, the Hauptbahnhof. Also easy to reach via motorway or Frankenschnellweg.

Seating for 150 people plus an additional 70 in the beer garden. To avoid disappointment a reservation is essential!


Contact Us

Zum Gulden Stern
Zirkelschmiedsgasse 26
90402 Nürnberg, Germany
Tel. +49(0)911 / 20 59 288
Fax +49(0)911 / 20 59 298
E-Mail: info@bratwurstkueche.de


Company Details

Historische Bratwurstküche „Zum Gulden Stern"
Owner: Martin Hilleprandt
Zirkelschmiedsgasse 26
90402 Nuremberg

Tel. +49 (0)911 20 59 288
Fax +49 (0)911 20 59 298

Email: info@bratwurstkueche.de

Value Added Tax Identification Number (VAT ID): DE 132546256
Tax Office No.: 240/228/80124



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  • is placed on the grill raw and grilled over an open beechwood fire until done (not deep-fried or pre-boiled in water beforehand)